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  1. Puppy Farmers fined after two dogs die.
  2. Record-breaking dog less than 10cm high
  3. Guide dog dies after pushing 4-year-old boy away from speeding car
  4. Surf City dog surfing competition
  5. Dog ordered to be put down after attacking traffic wardens giving owner a ticket
  6. The sniffer dog with a nose for historic homes' dry rot
  7. Pepper the wonder dog saves Ross' life
  8. Jade Anderson death: Killer dogs' owner admits animal cruelty
  9. Miracle dog falls 100ft from cliff and lives
  10. Who Let the Dogs In -- At Work?
  11. For Crash-Test Dummy Dogs, Seat Belts A Bust
  12. Seasonal Canine Illness study focuses on harvest mites
  13. Jack Russell Bodie shortlisted for community award
  14. Dogs Are People, Too
  15. Cardiff dad becomes world champion at sport that sees him running with his dogs
  16. The kennel club dog photographer of the year 2014