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  1. A windless day for a doggy paddle on Loch Lomond
  2. Kes's low impact holiday activities.
  3. Terror on the Airline
  4. Walkies in lathkill dale, in the peak district of Derbyshire
  5. Badgers and bluebells. A woodland walk at Muirshiel, Lochwinnoch
  6. Loch Eck with a borrowed dog
  7. An unexpectedly sunny Sunday at Kilmacolm
  8. The secret places of South Yorkshire
  9. My 'Dailies'
  10. Every walk is an adventure, even the ones that aren't.
  11. Phew !!! what a scorcher.
  12. A dog's tour of Glasgow Green
  13. Sam goes for gold, well red really.
  14. Our Local Walk
  15. Castle Semple Loch. One of our local walks in Lochwinnoch
  16. Not all walks with Sam in Renfrewshire are in the sunshine.
  17. A prickly customer
  18. Back to the homestead
  19. Kes joins us for a family Friday at the park.
  20. A dog day at Largs. A walk by the seaside.
  21. Feeling on top of the world.
  22. A Woodland walk at Muirshiel Country Park
  23. A dog day afternoon.......pic heavy.
  24. An egg-cellent walk at Johnshill.
  25. Scone Game Fair. Lots of dog events. Lots of pictures.
  26. GWCT Game Fair. Day 2. Sam scurries to mediocrity.
  27. Sam's spammy & gratuitous topless photos at Clyde Muirshiel.
  28. Back on Castle Semple Loch. Jo goes solo, Sam watches.
  29. Sam's journey to being a canoe dog
  30. It's official.......
  31. Are we there yet?
  32. Day two at Arisaig / Morar
  33. A Hill Walk
  34. Woodland walk
  35. Dogs first expedition to Loch Lomond
  36. Day three, an enforced rest day.
  37. Day four. All aboard the train.
  38. Wet, on and off the water.
  39. The legend of the surfing Rottweiler
  40. It was only a family holiday because of Sam.
  41. Happy Accident
  42. Rainbow, dog and deer, but not in that order.
  43. A sketchy woodland walk.
  44. How it all began. Mindy, my first dog.
  45. Ben Lomond, Sam's first Munro
  46. Kes isn't our dog (lots of pictures).
  47. A hunting we will go.
  48. The nights are fair drawing in.
  49. Galloway Country Fair. A rainy day out.
  50. Poundland
  51. My fav toy yes it's my frisby
  52. Sunday and a new animal introduced to Bra'Tac
  53. Sam's new toy.
  54. Kes's family paddle.
  55. A long dog walk in a lazy day.
  56. Oh I do like to be beside the seaside.................
  57. Bike test, Bimble and leaf hunt.
  58. Harvest time arrives at Lochwinnoch.
  59. Walking the mutt round Spout Force
  60. Hip, hip, horrah !!!
  61. Papers and prizes
  62. Wizard In The Woods
  63. Running without being chased. It will never catch on.
  64. Last shoot of the season?
  65. Today's walk.
  66. visit to rabbit land
  67. Sunny Morning Lochwinnoch
  68. Fun Dog Show at Greenock (lots of pictures)
  69. A paddle for Sam and flying men.
  70. Muirkirk in ayrshire
  71. A dog day at work due to mushrooms.
  72. A nutty walk.
  73. Kes is back
  74. An Instagram style Dog Walk Blogg.
  75. Autumn opens up a new morning walk.
  76. It's not always all action. A lazy Sunday blogg.
  77. Glasgow Green for a lunchtime work dog walk.
  78. A dog, a ball & a put upon thrower......
  79. morning walk
  80. A seaside stroll
  81. A wanderin' we did go.
  82. A Glasgow dog walk for Sam on Sunday.
  83. Deer ahead
  84. A daylight dog walk for a change.
  85. A short weekend roundup
  86. blix was a good dog (apparently)
  87. If you can't stand the heat, you are probably not a Rottweiler.
  88. The Song of the Paddle Christmas meet at Castle Semple Loch
  89. A slow walk in the daylight.
  90. The first walk of 2014 is a drag.
  91. Viking spotting.
  92. Testing the new camera
  93. A lap of the Barr Loch
  94. Relaxing by the fire.
  95. An office day and a bone
  96. A mostly unremarkable walk in the woods.
  97. Back in Glasgow
  98. A bone day for Sam
  99. A winter swim.
  100. An enforced change of pace for Sam's walks.
  101. We can't walk far but we can still spoon.
  102. Making the most of being confined to quarters.
  103. Mother's Day
  104. Sam's Recovery, Day One
  105. A hiccup in the recovery, actually more of a cough.
  106. Distracting Sam
  107. The heeling is coasting along
  108. Really local camping.
  109. Watering the plants
  110. A night in a B & B
  111. Isla and her first overnight camp.
  112. Up the hill we go ........ and down with a thump!
  113. A rubbish paddle and swim.
  114. Carry on camping !
  115. A wheely good time in the sun.
  116. Sam's second TPLO. The feedback.
  117. Bandy's video blogg of a paddle with the dog.
  118. Here comes the sun
  119. Time to start swimming
  120. Island Life, A walk with our dog group.
  121. Isla at Trimingham beach.
  122. Isla and I swimming.
  123. A Tuesday night paddle in the sun.
  124. Duke comes to stay for a few days
  125. Duke's visit part two.
  126. Sam and. Bess go to the Game Fair
  127. Sam zonked again
  128. Arisaig 2014
  129. A bit of a catch up
  130. All aboard!
  131. Back to the woods
  132. Like a scene from the birds.
  133. Galloway Game Fair 2014, mostly the scurry
  134. Make hay while the sun shines.
  135. A Sunday of canals and coffins.
  136. This morning's run
  137. A chat with the BBC then trouble at the mill
  138. Loch Lomond paddle with Sam
  139. Kes stretching his sea legs again.
  140. Two for the price of one.
  141. Visitors
  142. GoPro a go go
  143. A run with Sam on a shoogly video
  144. Wet woodland walk and Jump.
  145. Tales From Yonder .....
  146. Quadcopters, the way to exercise your dog in 2014
  147. Ferrys and fairies
  148. Life is a sandy beach - Pendine sands and Ynyslas dunes
  149. Caste Semple Christmas meet up
  150. Sam v the Quadcopter two
  151. Down by the River
  152. Irvine beach to blow away some cobwebs.
  153. Back to the beach
  154. Snow at last
  155. A half week roundup.
  156. Spring is in the air.
  157. Sam's second camping trip.
  158. One night only. A quick canoe camp.
  159. Sunshine
  160. A "Gorge"ous walk
  161. A walk spoiled by 'progress'.
  162. Sunny Ard
  163. Sam "benched" again
  164. Sam's recovery takes the biscuit.
  165. Sam's birthday
  166. Getting Sam back out
  167. Caterpillars and Cuckoos, or Sam's not quite taking it easy trip on Loch Lomond
  168. All the fun of the fayre, gala day actually.
  169. It's not affection, it's a grass seed !
  170. A birthday paddle
  171. Dog Walk - Potterne, Nr.Devizes with canoe trip bonus.
  172. Sam's holiday video
  173. Sam's week in Arisaig, the photo blogg
  174. The SotP meetup at Loch Ken
  175. A canoe trip for Kes
  176. No run on Friday.
  177. Brecklet Trail
  178. A bit of culture for Sam
  179. Calm holiday Monday paddle on Loch Lomond
  180. Kes's last paddle was not Kes's last paddle.
  181. Coniston Coppermine Valley Walk
  182. Daylight, a bit of a novelty.
  183. The soggy streets of Lochwinnoch.
  184. Sam and the skateboard.
  185. Some snow, at last.
  186. A perfect day for paddling
  187. Paddling with Kes again
  188. Running with Sam, the movie ;-)
  189. 2016 Game Fair
  190. Arisaig 2016
  191. Cancer, arthritis, wedding, another dog and other news
  192. Marlowe's first paddle.
  193. A morning run with a beautiful sunrise and cheeky dogs.
  194. Another big catch up
  195. Back to two again
  196. Kintyre holiday