Hopefully there will belittle need for rules. Certainly the vast majority of them will beunwritten. The main thing is to be polite and remember this is afamily friendly site. In fact just a friendly site. So no badlanguage and try to get along. There are plenty of places to havefights and flame wars on the internet but this will not be one ofthem.

I am sure we all share a love of our dogs and I knowpeople can be very sensitive to criticism of their pets, almost morethan their children, so be very careful not to offend people thisway. From the other perspective if something "said" to youcan be taken two ways and one of those is upsetting, they mean theother one

If you do see a post that is unacceptable thenclick the "Report Post" button at the bottom left of thepost. Do not reply in kind. Let myself or a Moderator deal withit.

And lastly two areas of topic we avoid are Religion andPolitics. Not because these are particularly taboo in their own rightbut because it is areas where no amount of rational discussionchanges anyone’s mind and "discussions" that follow therational start are rarely pretty

So like I say not much inthe way of written rules. Be the person your dog knows you to be andwe will be fine