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Thread: Other peoples dogs

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    Other peoples dogs

    I live in a semi rural area and have two small dogs (terriers) which are walked on a long retractable lead, reason being we see lots of rabbits, squirrels and deer and the impulse to chase these is so hardwired into their DNA that I would never see them again if they ran free. They have a large garden where they can run free and chase things, especially each other!

    When I see other dog walkers around they come to my heel and walk calmly beside me.

    There are times when I encounter other dog walkers out who have their dogs running free and allow them to race up to mine barking until at the last minute they stop and stand there still barking. These dog owners half the time don't even bother to call their dogs back, or just say awwwwhhhh he is only being friendly. I can tell from the body language of my dogs that they are not taking this attention as 'friendly' and if I allowed them to respond it would not be a pretty outcome. (they are excellent ratters).

    At other times walking along a path someone stops to let me past, they try to move to the side but when you get near them their dogs are pulling at the end of their lead and growling, these owners just have no control over their dogs. Even if I stop and put them into a sit to allow others past, the owner of the other dog passing usually has a dog straining at the leash.

    On the few occasions I have said to people ' get your dogs under control' - they take it as a personal insult and are usually rude / aggressive in response. As I said this is a semi rural area with people with what are usually perceived to be family friendly dogs.

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    Sam is of lead most of the time when we are out walks but when I see any dog on a lead I make a point of calling her to heal until we pass. In my experiance it is rarely a good mix to have a dog on the lead and another strange dog off the lead and out of control.

    Sam used to be keen to go see and greet every dog she saw but for about the last six months she has not been as bothered. She still likes to play with other dogs if she can but is much easier to call back or keep away from them.

    A similar issue is dogs of the lead running up to people and wanting attention. Again Sam has settled down from her exuberance but still likes to get patted. I follow pretty much the same routine as with dogs. I call her to heal until it is clear the person wants to interact with Sam.

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