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Thread: French lessons

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    French lessons

    The Gruppenfuhrer is taking the platoon over to Brittany for exercises under the auspices of 'holiday'. This the first year that PoppyDog will be leading the charge, now she has been chipped, jabbed and documented in triplicate, which is good because she looks less the 'Johnny Foreigner' than the rest of the platoon who have a tendency to glow pink once over the Channel.

    What I cannot do though is to get her to speak French so she can communicate with the locals. I have tried 'ici', 'bien', 'arrette'. 'bonne jeune fille' and even 'manger' but all i get is blank looks in return. Does anyone have any suggestions as we ship out on 25th.

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    It is probably a good thing if she does not follow the commands in French, that would make her to easy to be lured away by some foreigner

    I have been tempted to get a pet passport for Sam so I could take her abroad but it would need to be to a relatively cool country. Not sure she would take to the heat very well with her thick coat.

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