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Thread: What is This Life....

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    What is This Life....

    I was reminded of this heartfelt poem by William Henry Davies during my early morning stroll with Molly, one of my three Border Collies. We go for this early morning ‘toilet stroll’ (for her I might add, not for me) because her previous owner had taught her this way when she was a puppy and now at 2-1/2 years of age it was firmly engrained in her memory. On this early morning stroll I see other dog walkers performing the same function, but in a somewhat more modern manner. That is, completely oblivious to the dog on the other end of the lead and intent only in concentrating on the mobile phone seemingly permanently strapped to their ear. One that particularly sticks in my mind was a man dragging a small dog along, but paying far more attention to whatever he was listening to on his phone than the poor dog trying desperately to stop and defecate. The result was a trail of dog manure nearly ten feet long and a very disgruntled dog with a liberally smeared backside and a growing distrust of its owner.

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    I have to confess to occasionally using a walk with Sam as a chance to make a phone call but this is not the norm and more of a way of making sure Sam gets walked rather than me having no time from making the call at home. That said the norm is far more usually the phone in the pocket.

    I think the exception to the rule may be a camera. Of course this is really only an electronic gadget if it is digital but it can fall into the same class as a phone or the like. I find it can enhance a walk if you are looking for more photo opertunities as it makes you more, not less, aware of your surroundings. Of course if you get caught up in trying to "make" a photo then you can once again become oblivious to your surroundings, so all bets are off.

    Of course part of the reason for creating this forum was to try and make people focus more on their walks with their dog. To enjoy them more and share them with us. There would not be much to share if your face was just stuck in your phone all the time

    I started at the bottom and I like it here

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    like John, when I'm out walking the dogs they are my focus I will some times make a phone call but have had some one on the other end complain that I was paying more attention to my dogs than them to which I just said yes I am....

    I've been cycling to work over the summer my route takes me along a cycle route that's popular with dog walkers, and I hate seeing that ear phone lead hanging from their head cause I know they may not hear me. I've had two blame me for sneaking up on them despite me shouting a warning or two

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