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Thread: What city would be best for a City Break with your dog?

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    What city would be best for a City Break with your dog?

    I was thinking about how when I go away with Sam it is always to some rural place. I have seen lots of sites about dog friendly hotels, pubs and shops. It got me wondering if ther is a city that would make a good place to go for a break with your dog. A place where you can take your dog to shops, restaurants and maybe even museums.

    I know you would not be able to take your dog everywhere but somewhere that they are not excluded from almost everywhere. The closest I have had with Sam was her mini tour of Glasgow Green

    Sam has her city tourist look all sorted out already


    I started at the bottom and I like it here

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    Well of course Sheffield would be great as it is so close to the countryside and has lots of open spaces. It still has the same problem with dogs not getting into shops and restaurants etc though.

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    It's not a city but I have always found Keswick to be very dog friendly. The Dog & Gun even has doggy bags for sale and full water bowls for every dog as you walk in. Food is good too.


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