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Thread: Miracle dog falls 100ft from cliff and lives

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    Miracle dog falls 100ft from cliff and lives

    THIS family dog had a miraculous escape after it plunged down a 100ft sheer cliff - but walked away with just cuts and bruises.

    Six-month-old Tia darted out of the car boot as soon as it opened and ran straight over the Devon cliff.

    Carl Hudson from Barnstaple had taken his cousin Jodie Langridge, from Bideford, with her husband Danny, daughter Elise and dogs Tilly and Tia to the cliff overlooking Hartland Quay for some photography practice.

    Instead, their cameras captured a near tragedy and the drama of a cliff rescue.

    Carl said "We couldn't believe it - the puppy ran straight over the edge.

    "Danny said later that he'd looked over expecting to see a dead dog.

    "Miraculously, we could see her down at the bottom - she was moving okay but then sat down quite suddenly, obviously in shock." Danny rushed down to the Quay and found a coastguard, who summoned a team to carry out a daring cliff abseil, snatching Tia from the stony shore in the nick of time as the tide raced in.

    Full story

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    The coastguards usually say they would rather be called out for a dog rescue, than have the owners attempt it themselves, which can end up with humans as well as dogs in trouble.

    Good to know the dog is okay, and a warning that you can't be too careful around cliffs.


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    Yes every winter you end up with owners drowned trying to save a dog from water and inevitably the dog swims to shore unharmed.

    I started at the bottom and I like it here

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