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    What A Dog

    I just have to take a minute and say how proud of Zilla I am. Helping me with difficult dogs has always been part of his routine. He's been socialised to the extremes so he knows how to react to any dog reacting in any way. We were out today with a young but big German Shepherd called Max. We've been working on him pulling on a leash and now he's not we're adding distractions. He had a negative reaction to a dog on our last walk and I said now's the time to introduce Zilla and that's what we did today.

    The dogs didn't meet face to face. We started out on opposite sides of the road, them clicking and treating Max if he didn't react and walking him away from us if he did. Within minutes he was better so we could get a little closer together. And so we went on a while, getting closer, if Max reacted too badly, getting further away again. We were hampered whenever a car came, but would get back in the road after. Zilla was just fantastic throughout. Max would occasionally growl and lunge, mainly bark, and he'd started to just walk past and ignore Zilla. No matter what Max did, Zilla was focussed on me. Usually he'd stay with me but would sniff around and after about 30 minutes of walking up and down would get a bit bored. Not tonight! His focus was on me all the time. If I stopped he stopped. It got to the point where I wanted Zilla to get really exciting to see if Max could stay calm when he saw an excited dog. We were running up and down the street, I got Zilla to do his more energetic tricks like jumping up, jumping over my legs, walking between my legs and things. Then when we had to go back to being calm so we could get closer again and he just switched back to calm. He tried to start a game once we'd gone past Max but I just stood there and he was like, okay then.

    I'm just so proud of him He's been so good anyway but this was just the cherry on top Now he's a distinguished 2 year old (it was his birthday on Wednesday) I think he's a bit wiser and a bit more selective on what he spends his energy on.
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    Well done Zilla. I do think most dogs settle down a lot after about 18 months but Zilla will of course have gone much further with all the socialising and work you have out in.

    it is good to hear you have got Max to stop pulling on the lead. It amazes me when you see people being dragged down the street by their. It can't be an enjoyable walk with your arm constantly aching from the dog pulling you along.

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