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Thread: Hello from Isla and I

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    Hello from Isla and I

    Hello everyone,

    I thought I had already added an entry to introduce myself and Isla but it appears I had not, oops .

    I am a member on the Song of the Paddle (Fruit Loop) which is where I heard about this group. I live in West Suffolk close to the Norfolk border. If not on the water I can be found in Thetford forest walking Isla. Isla is a female German Shepherd Dog (GSD). She is more than just that to me though, as she has helped me to recover from depression and the recent loss of my father. She is such a big softy at heart, so incredibly gentle. The vet has commented on how laid back she is for a GSD.

    Here she is before we named her in 2011

    Here she is at Santon Downham picnic area summer of 2012

    Her she is on Trimingham beach North Norfolk summer 2013, taken after hearing the joke about the nun and rubber chicken.

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    A belated welcome to Dog Walk Bloggs. Is a fine looking dog. Seems she likes some of Sam's things, sitting on picnic benches and squirming on her back

    I started at the bottom and I like it here

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    Wow, she's a real beauty.....I can just imagine the beautiful pups she would have with my mutt....

    She has really changed colour since she was a pup, starting of as a sable type then growing into a more traditional black & tan, she's lost the white blaze too...
    Properly trained, a man can become a dog's best friend.

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    she looks like very good company. and of course, her puppy picture is incredibly cute

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