A tutorial by NigelP from http://www.songofthepaddle.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?24929-Posting-a-blogg-with-images-from-your-iPhone to help with posting pictures from your smartphone. Over to Nigel.


Posting from the iPhone uses three apps. The built in Safari web browser, built in notes app and the Photobucket app.
(You will need to create a Photobucket account first but this is free.)

First step is to take lots of great pictures with your iPhone. Upload images to the Photobucket app from the iPhone camera role and hence to Photobucket.

Open the notes app or similar and start writing about your fantastic trip or swan encounter.

If you want a picture to show within the text of the blog open the Photobucket app and navigate to the album with your pictures in.

From the album select the photo that you want to include within your text and appear in the blogg thread. Once selected the photo opens, Click the 'i' icon in the bottom right hand corner to be presented with 4 options.

Select the bottom 'IMG' option and a message will appear to confirm that the link code has been copied to the phone paste board.

Go back to the notes app and paste in the image code where you want that image to show in your fantastic blogg
The link looks like this within the text

Keep writing and pasting until you have your text and image code ready to go into a new blogg thread.

Select and copy all the text and image code, open a new thread through the safari web browser and paste it in. Use the preview thread button to check all look OK before posting.
The pasted text can be edited in the browser and you can scroll up and down the text window by holding down your finger until the magnifying icon spears and dragging up and the screen.

Created on an my iPhone!