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Thread: Hello Everyone.

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    Hello Everyone.

    hmmm...many of the usual suspects here, so not much "introduction" necessary......

    I live in Ontario, Canada, although born and raised in west Texas, in the USA.

    Dogs have long been a vocation with me (even more than canoeing - seriously). For many years I owned a breeding kennel and bred Championship Boxers. Here's one of my fellas from back-in-the-day:

    However, life changes and I came to need a canine companion who was the right size and had the right attitude to come and roam the wilderness with Jack Russell Terriers entered my life.....for better or for worse.....

    My current bowmate, and partner-in-crime, Wizard:

    Looking forward to seeing all your doggie adventures, on land or sea...

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    Welcome to Dog Walk Bloggs. Hopefully we will have some not so familiar members for you soon

    Starting the clock on your six month prediction

    I started at the bottom and I like it here

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    I've heard of you, sk8r.

    (Ducks and runs for cover)

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    Welcome! I love pets and I will share everything I know on how to properly care them. I love the photos you shared here in the forum and they all adorable.

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