I've recently added the Tapatalk functionality to the forum. Tapatalk is an app you can install on your smartphone or tablet that allows you to access the forum on a mobile friendly way.

I actually far prefer the look of the forum through a normal browser, however, one of tapatalk's features is it allows you to add pictures right in the thread or post message box. The app loads the picture to tapatalk's server and does all the linking for you invisibly in the background. In the free version of the app a small Tapatalk logo appears on the picture. For 2 the pro app gives you unlimited picture hosting and a load of extra picture editing functions as well as dispensing with the logo.

For the one off 2 I don't know how they can covet the cost for hosting and bandwidth but that is their issue. Posting pictures on the forum is often a problem for new members. Tapatalk makes this extremely simple and for that reason I recommend giving it a try.