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Thread: Up the hill we go ........ and down with a thump!

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    Up the hill we go ........ and down with a thump!

    A walk in Callert Forest. Starting point OS Grid NN 07220 59880.

    A good walk on a forestry made track that climbs up hill with great views across Loch Leven towards Ballachulish.

    The weather was dry but with low cloud. This was Isla's first trip to Scotland and a taste of a real hill climb. Once beyond the forestry gate and round the corner we decided to let her off the lead to explore and burn off some energy. The photographs were taken both on the way up and down the path so may appear out of order.

    An old mausoleum opposite the start of the walk.

    You gain height quite quickly, as the track winds it way up the side of the hill. The forestry has done a lot of felling of trees and the plan is to replant with native species of trees. Onwards and forever upwards.

    The view across to Ballachulish.

    A view across to Glencoe village

    The road below and more signs of the forestry operation to remove the pine trees and regeneration.

    A view of Glencoe caravan and camping park.

    Isla heard the sound of running water and took off.

    She just cannot resist getting her feet wet.

    Here she is cooling off her paws. I think for every mile we walk she must cover at least 3.

    At the end of the track there are two badger setts and Isla wanted to investigate. We decided it was best to make our way back down.

    A view down the track as we headed down.

    As we came down the track, Isla caught the scent of something and took off up the steep bank and disappeared. We called her once and kept walking. She appeared through the heather and looked down on us. She took one more step not realising the heather was over hanging the edge. She fell about 8ft head first into the drainage ditch. She broke her fall with her front legs but landed on her back with a most terrible dull thud. Complete silence as for what seemed like ages time stood still as panic began to set in. She laid there on her back, no noise or any motion. Fearing the worst had happened we approached with tears beginning to well up. A wag of her tail, she wriggle and rolled over and was up running about. She stopped to look at us as if to say "whats up with you? Can I do it again that was fun!" We checked her over and all seemed well but she had her lead on for the rest of the walk.

    Back at our holiday lodge she ate her food and this was how she spent the evening, snoring.

    The next morning she was up and full of life, ready for another hill climbing adventure!!!!! I was awake and not so full of life but aches and pains. Walking in East Anglia does not prepare the body for a proper hill climb. Just to prove all was well with Isla, she is thinking, "we done a hill yesterday, today a mountain! Yes that one over there .................. and the one behind it..........."

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    I think dogs deliberately have falls then lie looking dead or injured just to toy with us. Sam has done it far too often for my liking. In truth once is more than my liking.

    Three miles to our one can't be far from the ratio of dog to owner miles. I don't think it can be less. My experience is the dog never shows itself to be tired at the time. It is only when it is time for it to sleep or maybe the next day that you can tell they are tired. Sam was like that when she got to do a Munroe

    There is a satisfaction in knowing you have properly tired your dog out. It was one of the appeals of me taking Sam running. Isla certainly looks like she has been well tired out as she is sleeping there.

    I started at the bottom and I like it here

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    That must have been very scary for you for a few minutes. I couldn't imagine what I'd be feeling if it was Sam!

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