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Thread: Bonjour tout le monde.

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    Bonjour tout le monde.

    Saw this site on BcUK & as I like talking dog & seeing other people"s mutts, thought I might as well join, for the sake of continuity I've kept the same username

    After loosing my two elderly beloved dogs in March of this year I wasn't planning on getting another one but after the grief had dissipated a liitle, life just seemed too banal without the aggro, stress & worry of having a dog so after a long period of reflexion I decided it was time to get another hound. So last wednesday, armed with a short list of possible candidates on a local dog shelter's website, I took the plunge & adopted No.2 on the list. This guy gave out such positive vibes that I knew as soon as I saw him, he was the one
    He is a 3 year old GSD/Malinois cross & has spent the last 7 months in a 4 meter sq. concrete cage, I just can't understand why no one wanted to adopt him earlier .
    It's early days yet & we're still getting to know each other but we are already buddies

    Here are a few pics of the lad..

    Forgot to mention, his name is Sissou, I was going to change it but it suits him so well.
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    Welcome to Dog Walk Bloggs. I'm looking forward to seeing the bloggs of you and your new boy getting to know each other. He is a fine fit looking dog. Can't think why it took so long for someone to adopt him.

    I started at the bottom and I like it here

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