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Thread: Good Save?

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    Good Save?

    This is another thing that was posted up on SongofthePaddle that I thought would be of interest.

    Part of me thought they were not taking enough care of the dog but looking at the conditions if it had not been scooped out so quick it would have managed to swim to shore pretty easily and they could have turned back to get it. The dog has a PFD on and seems happy enough both before and after so probably and old hand in the canoe.

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    Sorry, couldn't help laughing ........s'not funny, poor little mutt. That's one way to strengthen your left arm I suppose. I'd be more worried about the dog damaging it's self on the side of the canoe as it's flung overboard rather than it drowning though.
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    Had to watch it a couple of times before the tears cleared my eyes and I could see what really happened. Loved it.
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