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Thread: Island Life, A walk with our dog group.

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    Island Life, A walk with our dog group.

    Took a group of our dogs out today for a walk at beacon hill park in west coast of Canada.

    I walk a ton of dogs everyday (sometimes more than this if you can believe it) through my home business Thumbs Up Dog Walking. Happy little group we took out today, just glad it didn't rain today. Nothing smells up your work vehicle like a dozen wet dogs lol.

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    Wow that's a lot of dogs to walk at once. Is there more than one person?

    I'm interested in how you make sure the dogs will all get on. I would imagine there are some dogs who need to be walked on their own. Looking at the picture they are all sitting happily and not tied to anything so clearly they are under control which is very impressive for such a big group of dogs, especially when they are not all yours.

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    Have to say John I agree with you about a big group getting well like that. First was what a handful! Hopefully ThumbsUp will let us into their secret without giving away and commercial confidences and risking the wrath of the Dog Recreation and Walking Hounds Organisation (DR WHO, I know sad isn't it).
    One wife, livid!

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