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Thread: Isla at Trimingham beach.

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    Isla at Trimingham beach.

    Friday afternoon we decided to head up to North Norfolk to spend the afternoon on the beach.

    We have not been up to the coast since last Autumn. I did wonder what it would be like since the winter storms took their toll on so much of the coastline. Would the tiny little road that leads down to the beach still be there? Good news! the road has survived, just! So much of the cliff has been eroded away and the space to park cars has been cut in half or just a little more. Another rough winter and I fear it will be no more!

    The plan was a good walk and play on the beach before heading back and find something good to eat, fresh fish and chips or a monster burger and chips?

    Isla decided that after stretching her legs that she needed to cool off in the sea.

    After a good play with her ball and chasing the waves a chance to chill out and pose for a photo.

    Isla decides to be camera shy.

    Another game of fetch and bury the ball, it is time to chill out again. She digs down to reveal the wet sand before laying down to cool off.

    Right, I'm ready for my close up picture now!

    All too soon it is time to head back to the car. We did meet a few other people with dogs and were only too glad for a break as the dogs played together. Only one couple took an instant dislike to Isla and insisted she be put on the lead. I guess some people see a German Shepherd and think/believe that they are trained to attack or are just vicious? Each to their own I guess. I will admit that I was scared of all dogs until about 5 years ago. That is a story for another time.

    We were soon back at the car and headed off to the nearby village of Mundesley. There is a free shoppers car park and a wonderful take away. One side does some of the best fish and chips and the other does some huge burgers with a whole host of toppings. We got our food and headed back to the cliff top.

    A view from the cliff top looking west.

    A view looking to the east.

    Isla and I sat on the bench at the cliff top.

    Isla in the late evening sun.

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    I do love a good beach walk with the dog. I'm looking forward to about 4 weeks when we go to Arisaig again and San should be well enough to enjoy it.

    So did you go for the fish and chips or the burgers. You don't look the size that has two dinners

    I'm interested in hearing how you went from being scared of dogs to being a dog owner. That sounds interesting.

    I started at the bottom and I like it here

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