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Thread: Isla and I swimming.

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    Isla and I swimming.

    Isla loves the water, be it a muddy puddle, river or sea. I have noticed that once or twice when she goes swimming that she either looks calm and graceful or appears to be at 45 degree angle in the water and a hint of panic. It could of course just be me though? The plan has been to get her used to the canoe so that more adventures are possible for us all. Her love of water and being in it is far greater than sitting in the canoe. I decided to get her a dog buoyancy jacket to help ease my mind and getting her into the canoe or ashore.

    This morning it was time to try out her new buoyancy jacket and my wetsuit. For Isla it was just a play in the water. For me it was so very different. I had a bad experience while learning and never went back. A long story short, I had to confront this fear. At the age of 36 years I set about learning to swim. It was a one to one experience in a private pool. I can now swim but it is not my favourite activity. That was several ok many years ago and today I faced that fear again, head on.

    I managed to last for about an hour in the water. I did have trouble getting out though, green peace kept trying to roll me back in! A black wetsuit and my white arms could be easily mistaken for an orca, I guess? Please do not worry there are more pictures of Isla than me.

    Isla in her buoyancy jacket made by ezydog

    Isla showing me how easy it is. The expression on my face!

    About to be brave.

    Isla swims out again to show me.

    Isla leading the way.

    It was a good morning. Isla at first did not quite know what to make of me in the water with her. I also wondered what the heck I was doing in the water. Despite the initial doubt and fear, it was not that bad. One good thing, I worked up a huge appetite which was taken care of by sausage and bacon wraps for breakfast.

    Remember I said that Isla loved the water. It appears that once home, the mention of the word 'bath' and she disappears to hide!?!? Yet if at the groomers, the bath/shower is the first place she goes to and sits waiting?

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    Isla looks the buisness in her camo life jacket ..................nice bit of river too.

    Bath ??? groomers ???....hope you wern't being serious.
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    Sam quite likes swimming but does not often swim just for the fun of it. It is usually to retrieve something. She does enjoy a good paddle though.

    The doggy lifejacket a are great for lifting them in and out the canoe. I did fancy a camo one but opted for the bright orange so I could spot Sam easier.

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