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Thread: Hi from N Wales

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    Hi from N Wales

    Hi everyone,

    I'm Lisa and I have 3 dogs called Storm (collie), Tarn (Storms son) and Aramis, a longcoat GSD. The 2 collies were bred to work sheep (I currently live on a small farm in N Wales but it is up for sale and I'm moving to the West country) and all 3 love water, Storm and Tarn using any excuse they can to swim! Aramis is a bit more restrained, he only gets his paws wet!
    I'm hoping to set up either a dog daycare or dog walking business when I move so if anyone has any advice in these areas, all will be gratefully received!

    Looking forwards to chatting with you and hopefully meeting up at some point too


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    Hi Lisa

    Welcome to Dog Walk Bloggs. Frequently watch my friends collie and they are very intense. Ideal if you have plenty for them to do but I'm guessing with them being worked yours will be very contented.

    it is funny how dogs even of the same breed have different reactions to water. Sam quite likes it and will swim but unless there is something to retrieve she really just paddles about to cool off.

    I started at the bottom and I like it here

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