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Thread: Yet Another Stray From SOTP

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    Yet Another Stray From SOTP

    Hello people, I found my way here from SOTP too and thought I'd join up even though I know there's bound to be some sad stories here eventually.
    As mentioned in another thread, dogs don't live forever unfortunately.
    A short story; Not long after my wife and I met and married, we got a Bernese Mountain dog. During the time we had him, my wife sustained a head injury and had to take a year off work. She had some dark days through this period and even after returning to work, it took a long time for life to even out again.

    We lost our lovely Bernese to cancer when he was 7 years old and couldn't contemplate getting another dog for about 3 years, but eventually we decided the time was right to return to dog ownership.
    We got a Tibetan Terrier eventually, who's now 4 and he's a joy to have around (most times).

    3 years ago my wife was diagnosed with ME. This is possibly a knock on effect from the previous head injury.
    She continues to work but is getting worse now and is having some real bad days

    The moral of the story is this;
    It's been the dogs who've helped to keep her going through the bad times. I'm convinced that without the Bernese to take out walking, care for and talk to when I was at work, she'd have lost the plot. The same applies now with the ME, the dog helps to keep her sane and they've always seem to have known when she's having a bad day.
    They ask for very little and give so much back !!

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    Our Bernese was great therapy as well. She always knew when I felt down and came and sat on my feet. If I was on the floor, she used to sit on me!

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    Welcome to Dog Walk Bloggs

    I have to admit that when setting the forum up I was aware that given the lifespan of dogs that while we have the benefit of getting to know each others dogs and see them grow, develop and share in their walks and adventures, we wil also have the downside of sharing in the loss. Still I think the upside will balance out the down.

    I get the feeling there is a better understanding now of how much benefit there is to heading a dog when you suffer an illness. It really does give a focus for getting on with your day.

    Hopefully you have better days ahead.

    I started at the bottom and I like it here

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    Hopefully you have better days ahead.

    Thanks John

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