So after the initial worries about Duke being a devil dog and getting over him not seeming to recognise his name he settled in well. As I said his temperament was never an issue and him and Sam got in great. We had a barbecue yesterday with about 25 guests. A mixture of adults and children. There was also another dog there. All went smoothly and no aggression or food stealing.

Indeed the were a couple of guests with plans to steal Duke. This morning as I was having my morning coffee Sam and Duke had a play fight to start the day.

The weather was good again so much of the day was spent in the garden

After lunch it was time for the girls to go back to their mum's to get ready for their holiday in Spain. Sam and Duke had their sad face on as they left.

However the sadness did not last long and it was back to playing in the garden.

Duke's owner came to pick him up late afternoon. He was relived to hear he had settled in so well with us after the problems he had with the first couple. I found out Duke is from working stock. A cross between a German wire haired pointer and a Labrador. Maybe the working background is the reason there were problems. I think it may have just been that the couple were trying to lock Duke away somewhere away from them. This caused his anxiety and the problems. If you let him wander about the house with you he is really no trouble.

Whatever the reason he was no trouble for us and Sam had a great time playing with him although I think she is secretly pleased he is gone as I think she was a little jealous.