We have got Bess staying with us from Friday to Monday. This is the weekend of the Scone Game Fair as well. We go every year and Sam loves it. This year she would especially enjoy it as she has not been getting out that much due to her operations. This would be a chance to stretch her legs and see how the healing is coming along.

We had been out at a cabaret night on Friday so the early start on Saturday was particularly hard. Jo is not used to having Bess in the car so was not sure where she should sit. I think Bess may have taken advantage of this lack of knowledge

An hour and a half or thereabouts we were at the Game Fair. There are always lots of things to see with plenty of dogs and animals. The ducks near the entrance seemed a bit strange though.

We were lucky with the weather and the sun was out most of the time we were there. It was hot for the dogs but there were lots of bowls of water dotted about for them with Sam and Bess happy to share them.

One of the things Sam loves every year is the ferrets. She is fascinated by them and would, if given the chance, spend the whole day just watching them. In return I think they would spend a lot of time watching her.

If you have read any of the previous bloggs of Game Fair visits you will know we like to have a go at the scurries. Rottweilers are not known as a gundog breed and Sam is in no danger of winning a scurry but she does enjoy them and puts in a good performance. Jo was a bit concerned about Sam having a go with only having her last surgery six weeks ago but I reminded her it was less running than Sam would do in the back garden if you let her.

Anyway we had just one run. Sam was super focussed at the start.

Unfortunately they had some trouble with the blank firing pistol they used at the signal for the dummy being thrown. As a result there was a long delay before the dummy was launched. This seemed to throw Sam a bit and while she still performed well she was not as straight out to the dummy and back as she would normally have been. Still as I say she did herself proud and brought the dummy back well and presented it well with no faffing about.

She was not in any risk of winning but she had held up the reputation of Rottweilers and put many of the gundogs performances to shame.

By now it was lunchtime (an undisclosed number of breakfasts had already been consumed). We settled down at the main arena where I thoroughly enjoyed a haggis, neeps and tatties pasty. I had a bit of an audience as I munched through it.

In the main arena there was a pack of fox hounds being dispayed with lots of children being invited in the meet them.

They are handsome dogs. If it were not for their tendency to be noisy I could be tempted to have one in the future.

Next in the ring was the dog and duck display. In this display a guy demonstrates how he rehabilitates Collies that are at risk of being put down due to one issue or another. He was showing how you can easily train them to herd by harnessing their natural instincts. It was an impressive demonstration with him using two new rescue dogs who had not seen the ducks before. Sam and Bess seemed quite keen on having a go to.

Perhaps luckily for the ducks there was a fence stopping Sam from getting to involved.

After lunch we wandered round more of the show and looked at more stalls and stands. Sam got lots of attention from people which she loved as always. Eventually about 2.30 and about 7 hours after we arrived it was time to head off. For all she has been on restricted duties Sam coped admirably and was none the worse for wear with no limping or anything and still as happy at the end as the start.

I guess the real test will be how she is on Sunday. I'm hoping she is fine as next week we go away for our annual week in Arisaig and it is always quite an active week for Sam and she would be annoyed if she had to miss big chunks of it due to needing to rest.