Had Sam at the vet for her 7 week check-up after her latest TPLO. As usual she is sedated so they can X ray etc. This always makes her a bit "fluid" for the drive home.

The good news is the surgery is all healing fine and we can start working her to build up muscle. As much swimming as possible seems to be the preferred option. We are in Arisaig next week so that should not be a problem. We can build up the walks too but apparently she has arthritis in this joint so the more we can build up muscle by swimming first the better her running and land mobility will be.

I guess only time will tell. Ignoring her current drugged state she seems pretty much pain free with only a slight indication of the surgery. Time will tell. At least we can start getting her out. She must think she was serving some sort of prison sentence for the last few months.