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Thread: Arisaig 2014

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    Arisaig 2014

    Just back today from our yearly trip to Arisaig. We always really look forward to this. We always stay at one of the Traigh properties I can happily recommend them and the location is second to none.

    We have a bit of a routine when here. Long walks with the dog, lots of time swimming and playing in the sea and lots of eating out, mostly fish and chips. This year was only slightly different. As Sam had her TPLO surgery not that long ago we kind of cut out a lot of the long walks but she was still getting lots of exersice with us. As we had only intermittent wifi this is one blogg to cover the week.

    On the Saturday we only had a part day. So it was a gentle start with a short walk, some paddling and ball games in the sea.

    Sunday was a proper in the water day. We had borrowed a couple of inflatable kayaks for the break and as usual Sam was right in there giving them a try out.

    When not in the canoe she was playing in the surf. No sign of her surgery holding her back.

    She was not the only one playing in the surf.

    We had to watch out for these guys though.

    There were lots of jellyfish about. Luckily most of them were not the stinging ones. The one above was but we avoided the stings while taking the picture. It may have been when taking this picture that some water got into the waterproof camera. It still worked for the rest of the holiday but it did mean we had to be a bit careful and it limited some of the picture opportunities. Still it may have saved you by making this blogg a bit shorter I will need to send the camera off for replacement under warranty. I hope I just got a bad one as I really like the camera when it stays dry inside

    We found this skull on the beach. I thought it was from a small dragon but the girls seemed less convinced.

    After a good long day playing in the sea Sam was well tuckered out. At the lodge we were staying at dogs are not allowed on the furniture. In fairness Sam is mostly on Jo

    As the sun was out after dinner we returned to the beck to relax and enjoy the evening.

    Sam was still quite tired so we may have taken advantage of her staying still.

    Monday the weather was a bit dull so we headed into Mallaig for lunch. We went to the Steam Inn which is very dog friendly. They even have doggy ice-cream.

    It got the thumbs up from Sam (if she had thumbs).

    It was either not that filling or Sam had worked up a proper appetite the day before as she was fishing for any extra that was going.

    The west coast of Scotland is not somewhere you get great weather all the time so we are expecting it not to be sunny all the time and are prepared. On wet and dull days, we still play in the sea. We just wear the full wetsuits

    The doggy ice-cream really seemed to have put a spring in Samís step.

    On Tuesday we had to get up early and drive back home for the day due to a prior commitment. This gave Sam a chance to rest a bit. We were back late on the Tuesday evening. On the Wednesday Gwen and I had a day playing in the sea but as Jo and Eleanor were staying at the lodge due to the rain we left Sam there to get more rest. By the evening the weather had dried up a bit so we took Sam for a short evening walk.

    On Thursday the sun was out so we were all out for a day of fun and frolics in the water.

    As always we spend a lot of time climbing onto and falling off of the kayak. Standing on it is the difficult part. We are expert at getting us all sitting on it though.

    Sam got a lot of swimming in this day.

    Bless her, she even tried to get in on our game of catch.

    Friday was forecast to be hotter than Thursday so we were there first thing to make the most of it. Gwen and Sam looking forward to another good day.

    With weather like this it is like being at the Caribbean.

    Sam and I started off with some gentle paddling.

    Before moving onto the diving

    We made the most of the day in every way. We swam, lay in the sun, played in the sand, read, relaxed and loved every minute of it.

    All too soon it was time to head back to the lodge. We headed into Mallaig for another meal out before unwinding with a drink (and a cigar in my case) as the sun went down.

    This morning we had to be out by 10am. We packed up and gave the lodge a quick clean then parked at the beach for one last short walk before heading home.

    It was a great week as it always is up there. it was a shame we had to pare things back a bit due to Samís recuperation but there is always next year.

    I started at the bottom and I like it here

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    Looks like you all had a great time, beautiful location, great weather and pictures to match! Sam looks to be full of life and enjoying every minute. It must be so good to see Sam back to normal (or close to) and having so much fun again.

    We are heading up to Scotland the at the beginning of October for two weeks. We are staying in a pet friendly chalet along the road to Kinlochleven.

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    That sounds likes good holiday plan. Not an area I have explored much but lots of dramatic scenery to explore.

    I started at the bottom and I like it here

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