Today was nothing like the plan. the expectation was for a rainy day with a bit of wind. We were going to be going shooting, however, first change was the farmer cut the barley so no more crop protection needed this year and secondly the sun shone on a near windless day.

Sam got a walk round the freshly cut field this morning before i went to the clay pigeon shooting ground with a friend for a couple of hours. when we got back the sun was still out in force so i took Sam for a leisurely walk round the woods. I say leisurely as the plan was for plenty of breaks to soak up the atmosphere. Sam was happy with plan and was first to have a rest in the heather.

The woods were quite busy with a lot of families and dog walkers about. We headed up the hill at the back of the woods to a good sun trap that is less used but has a great view over the loch.

Here we found a spot where some ferns sheltered us from the slight breeze and we could take time to do some serious relaxing.

Sam had been having a right good run about in the bushes so was quite hot. eventually she had to move to a slightly more sheltered spot. Either that or the view was better.

ofter soaking up the sun for a while we headed back through the maze of bushes where Sam once again ran about exploring every nook and cranny. Tiring hot work, but it had to be done.

The rest of the walk was just a gentle stroll enjoying the late summer sun with no agenda or schedule to keep. On the way back to the car we passed some work being done at the "view point". Not sure if we re getting our own standing stones or a giant compass.

I am sure we will find out soon.

We got back to the car and headed home for dinner in the garden. I always seem to have a lot on at weekends at the moment so it was good to have such a relaxing day. Looking back i could easily have stayed out for longer and part of me, a pretty large part thinks I should have. Not sure there are many sunny days left to laze in the sun this year.