No bloggs last weekend as we were away for a long weekend and Sam was at friends, having the time of her life This weekend was a bit of a recovery weekend just getting some rest and catching up with stuff. Still there is always time for walking Sam.

Yesterday after a wet night we had a mild day with a bit of wind. I took Sam for a walk round the local woods to see how Autumn was progressing. Sam seemed up for the walk.

We still have quite a lot of leaves on the trees but we can't be far from the point where there are more on the ground tun in the trees. For Sam leaves mean only one thing. Leaf catching. Sam's sport of choice.




I have to ration how much leaf kicking I do. if I did not we would spend the whole time in one place chasing leaves. So we moved on and Sam accepted it. Just.

The rest of the walk was the usual sniffing about. The only unusual thing was seeing everything damp. I had been so long since we had any heavy rain that the last nights bout was like a whole new experience. Still although there were some clouds it was a fine day to be out.

As always it was just good to be out stretching our legs and getting fresh air.

Today was a breezy morning. There is a track at the back of Largs leading up to some wind turbines. Now that construction has finished it is a designated walk and every time we go to Largs we say we need to explore it sometime. Today we did, sort of.

It is a wide track that starts flat then quickly heads up the hill. We did not have a lot of time so knew we would not make it all the way but would get a feel for the walk.

It is very different from the usual woodland, loch side or even urban walks I do. It is so much more open. this is a good thing as you get better views but it does make it seem like you are making slow progress. The other issue was there were sheep about so I needed to keep Sam under close control which I always feel a bit guilty about.

Still the views were worth it.

However, as I said, we did not have that much time so in a little under an hour we were back at the car and heading home. The rain is starting now so I will need to dig the jacket out for tonight's walk. Probably the torch too.