It was Jo's birthday last week so we had a night away this weekend. It was a night in a dog friendly hotel in Dunoon. Just a short ferry trip from Gourock and we were at Dunoon. We had a wander round the town centre and then a walk along the front.

Then it was time to check in at our room at the Abbots Brae Hotel (I can highly recommend it). Sam was made very welcome and soon made herself at home.

As well as being very accommodating of Sam the staff at the hotel recommended a good place for a walk on the Sunday. Puck's Glen.

The weather today was great. Clear and sunny with no wind. That said most of the walk was in the shade of the trees or in a valley. Sam found herself a cave too.

At first the path was nice and level on a forestry road then it was uphill. Properly uphill. Sam headed out in front while Jo and I struggled on.

At last we got to the top and back onto a forestry road. Time to take a breather at a view point.

The high level forestry road headed back toward the carpark but was still climbing. Then we came across a path heading down into a ravine.

It was a really interesting walk. It was a narrow path that crossed over the stream every so often. It was very Lord of the Rings type scenery. Sam was having a ball.

It want on for way longer than I thought it would. At every turn I thought we would be back at the bottom but there would be another turn, another waterfall, another flight of stone steps. However, eventually we reached the bottom and the stream disappeared under a bridge.

From here it was an easy walk back to the car. Well it was for us. Sam was racing about, up the hill then crashing back down to the path. Just before we got back to the car we noticed Sam was limping quite badly. She has hurt her front left leg. Not sure which bit but the woman who was walking behind us said she thought it was when she was crashing down the hill. We can't find any spot that is especially sore and are hoping it is just a strain of some sort. Hopefully some rest will sort it out without the need of a trip to the vets. The weekend is over now so she will be able to have plenty of rest anyway.