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Thread: Life is a sandy beach - Pendine sands and Ynyslas dunes

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    Life is a sandy beach - Pendine sands and Ynyslas dunes

    At home in Seaford in East Sussex, the local beaches are all shingle. While on holiday in Wales this week, Molly, our 15 month old labradoodle, discovered sandy beaches for the first time at Pendine sands in Pembrokeshire and then at Ynyslas dunes near Borth in Cardigan bay.

    Cue happy doggle...

    I can see us heading along to Camber sands at Rye on a regular basis. The things we do to keep our dogs happy!

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    As I was looking down the pictures I was wondering if Molly had discovered the joy of digging in a sandy beach but near the bottom there was the picture of her with her head in a hole Sam likes the fast turns she can make on a beach but digging holes is right up there too as a fun pastime.

    I always think a beach with dunes really makes an interesting place for a dog walk with lots to explore.

    I started at the bottom and I like it here

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    Those are some great pictures. I want to go there!

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