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Thread: It ain't snow but.......

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    It ain't snow but.......

    It's the next best thing. The second frost of the year. (The first was on sunday but as sundays are when the locals take to the fields armed with shotguns, shooting anything that moves, it wasn't an ideal time to take photos )


    Getting into mischief looking for Coypu..

    It's definately looking wintery here now..

    Since jubilation is best captured by the moving image I though videos would be more appropriate

    (my computer's video card can no longer handle editing vids so I let YouTube do all the work )

    Now let's that again in slow motion

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    Sissou clearly likes it frosty. Sam likes the snow but can take or leave frost. That said long grass is always an excuse for a spammy.

    It is a role reversal for you to be getting it colder than us. We are still not getting frosts here yet. It is windy and lashing with rain but still above freezing although the predictions are for that to change.

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