The original plan today was a trip to Glasgow for a walk and a trip to a coffee shop, however, the weather was not playing ball. The revised plan was a trip back to Irvine Beach since the girls had missed out earlier in the week. Also since we had discovered a dog friendly pub next to the beach that solved the dinner question

This picture makes it look like a calm day by the beach.

The truth was it was blowing a gale with the wind and waves kicking up a foam that was fun to jump in if you are a person and fun to chase if you are a dog.

Chasing foam is not without its cost. You can get a bit messy.

A little bit of mess is not something to deter the determined foam hunting dog.

There were short breaks from the foam madness. Partly to make progress down the beach and partly as we would occasionally deplete a section of its foam

Deploy the selfie stick

Of course even when on the move Sam was still focussed on any foam opportunities that may be about.

Sometimes she would hit the motherload.

The cause of the foam storm was rarely hard to work out or catch in the act.

As the clouds started to darken it was time to turn back.

We walked back at the edge of the dunes, where there was no foam. That did not stop Sam from finding other toys to play with among the flotsam.

All in all it was another great day at the beach. Finished with a good meal in the local pub. Not a bad way at all to spend the last official day of my holiday.