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Thread: Some Tutorials on Posting Pictures

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    Some Tutorials on Posting Pictures

    Pictures really bring bloggs and posts to life. It is one of the dark arts of forum use, seeming impossible at first but becoming second nature. There are a couple of tuorials on my other forum so I will post them here to help you get started.

    I started at the bottom and I like it here

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    The First is from TonyBr
    Sunday morning, all family here it goes, step by step:

    a) start to reply as usual on any thread. The "your message" window will open with the rectangular space to write.

    b) among the icons on top of the rectangle you will find the "insert image" one ( ). When you click on it another window will pop-up.

    c) on this new window choose the "from URL" by clicking on it.

    d) paste the address (URL) of your picture to the space (MORE ON THIS BELOW* as this is the detail that usually gets wrong)

    e) make sure you UNcheck the "retrieve remote file..." and press the insert button.

    * You don´t actually put the picture on the thread! You just put an internet address (URL) of where this picture is. The SOTP forum software will follow the address and reproduce the picture here. If this address changes one day, the picture will disapear from here! That´s a way to reduce the disk space consumption by the forum (can you imagine storing the zillions of pictures posted here everyday?)

    f) You can use your own pictures, that must be stored on some internet album (Photobucket is a common option among SOTPers) or you can use any picture posted in the internet.

    g) here is an exercise for now: 1) click with the mouse RIGHT button on this picture below (this picture is from a website - it´s not actually here at the forum!)

    2) a window with many options will open. Click on "properties", usually the last one...

    3) In the properties window, select the address (URL) the same way you would select a part of text (holding the left mouse button and sliding over the text).

    4) right click the mouse and copy the selected address text

    h) It´s this copied address that you will have to paste to the insert picture window (item (d) up.

    *and HERE: OK, if everything is right, you will reproduce the "picture" .... (it´s address in true, as you already know). BUT (you say), I want to put MY pictures here.... Well, let´s go for an internet photoalbum service then, like the PhotoBucket cited somewhere. Don´t worry, it´s free!!!!

    i) Open the PhotoBucket website clicking here:

    j) You will have to create an account, so follow the instructions from there. Once you have an account, you will have an "album", where you will store your pictures by UPLOADING them from your computer to their disk. The pictures files will be at this album, but they will also have an address (URL) that you can use to post the pictures in the forums). By rolling your pointer over the pictures in the album a sub-window will open under the photo with it´s address. Just copy this address and paste to the insert image window from the forum (d).

    Hope I made it a bit easier..... And please don´t mind my English mistakes. I wouldn´t be any helpfull in Portuguese I guess.... MODs, please feel free to correct any mistakes you find...

    I started at the bottom and I like it here

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    Mirage on British Blades has just updated his photo hosting tutorial and has once again given me permission to post it here.

    Over to Mirage


    We’ve had a lot of queries from members asking how they can submit their own photographs to British Blades. Here’s a step-by-step guide.

    I can’t see how you could make a mistake that’ll cause serious problems, but – as I have long and bitter experience of some of the daft things that human beings can manage to do – please note the following:

    Disclaimer: These instructions are accurate and effective to the best of my knowledge and belief. I am not a computer expert. If you hit the wrong button on your PC and black out the neighbourhood, or arrange a nuclear strike on Bognor Regis, I am not responsible.

    That having been said, here we go.

    I use Windows Vista and a US photo-hosting site called Photobucket, and my article will reflect that. If you use another Windows operating system, e.g. XP, I’d imagine that the process would be virtually identical. (See disclaimer above…)

    Other free photohosting sites are available. I am not affiliated with Photobucket. I chose them from a personal recommendation.

    You will need an email address. I prefer to use a free Hotmail address. One can be set up very quickly and easily. Your ordinary, day-to-day email address will be just fine if you want to use that, however.

    Note: This is not an article on how to download pictures to your PC, operate a digital camera or set up an email account. For that information, please look elsewhere.

    For starters we’ll assume that you have a picture that you wish to share with the world. We’ll suppose for the purposes of this exercise that it is a photo of your new CS Trailmaster, and that it’s safely tucked away on the hard drive of your PC.

    Step 1: Open a Photobucket account

    1.1: Type into Google or your preferred search engine. The Photobucket home page will appear. Just to the right of its logo is the option to Join Now. Click on that.

    1.2: Sign up. Pick a User name, preferably an anonymous one that won’t identify you, as it will be included in the “Properties” of all your pictures and available for anyone to see. Something like cutlery99 would be ideal. Pick a good, strong password that includes both letters and numbers.

    1.3: You will now be asked some impertinent questions. Be as honest as you like, then click Sign me up!

    1.4: The next page offers you some free gubbins. Feel free to press Skip at the bottom of the page.

    1.5: Now we’re cooking! This is the page that offers you the option of uploading photographs and creating albums.

    As you will probably get a lot of use out of a Photobucket account, it’s best to get things in order from the outset. Keep all your photographs in specially-named albums; don’t use names like “Miscellaneous” or “Other stuff”. I have created an album called Knives.

    1.6: Click the blue button labelled Save just to the right of your new album name.

    1.7: …and ta-dah! You have a Photobucket account and an empty album named Knives. Now let’s get a picture or two in there.

    Step 2: Load pictures from your computer into your Photobucket album

    2.1: Click on the big blue button labelled Upload images and video.

    Photobucket will helpfully open a window in which you can select the photos you want to upload into your album.

    2.2: To access my personal photographs and get the photo of my CS Trailmaster, I follow this path on my Vista PC: Desktop > My Pictures > 001 Knives > selected picture of Trailmaster.

    Note: You may have to follow a different path to access your own photos depending on how much or how little you’ve personalised your PC. For a basic path to your own photos on your own PC in Vista, try Start > Computer > Local disk (C > Users > [Your name] > Pictures

    2.3: Once the thumbnail of the Trailmaster is visible, double left click on it, and it will begin to upload to Photobucket as shown by the blue progress bars.

    2.4: Once it’s been uploaded, a new screen will appear telling you that 1of 1 image has uploaded. Click the big grey Return to album button.

    2.5: You are now looking at a screen that tells you that 1 0f 1 image has uploaded. Now you can…You are now ready to add your Trailmaster picture to your British Blades post!

    2.6: Hover your cursor (the little “hand with pointy finger” thing) over the thumbnail of the Trailmaster on the Photobucket page. Under the thumbnail, a little panel will appear offering you the following four options:

    Email & IM
    Direct Link
    HTML Code
    IMG Code

    2.7: Left click on IMG Code. The text will turn blue when you’ve done it successfully. The unique Photobucket reference number for the Trailmaster photo is now “in your mouse”.

    Step 3: Insert picture from Photobucket into a British Blades post

    3.1: Navigate to The Commons in BB and click on New Thread at the upper left of the page.

    3.2: Type into the new thread, “I’ve just bought a new CS Trailmaster, and here it is:”

    3.3: Hit the Return key on your PC keyboard to insert a blank line. (Not necessary, but the end result looks better).

    3.4: Right click your mouse. This will paste the URN for the Trailmaster photo into the blank line in the post.

    Depending on how you have personalised your account, etc., it will look something like this:


    (http asterisked out for practical reasons).

    Note: Don’t try to use the BB Insert image button (the one that looks like a little postcard of two mountains. I’ve indicated it with a red arrow on the BB Commons post picture at 3.1). Photobucket already wraps the URN in IMG tags. If you use the Insert image button, you’ll just end up with surplus, pointless [IMG]…[/IMG] tags flanking your photo in the post.

    3.5: Hit the Return key on your PC keyboard to insert a blank line. (Not necessary, but the end result looks better).

    3.6: Add the rest of your text and click Submit new thread.

    3.7: Congratulations! You’ve just created a Photobucket account, created a Photobucket album, uploaded a photo to it and posted it on the Internet!

    Photobucket also offers basic tools enabling you to resize pictures, rotate them etc. Explore and have fun.

    Screen capture accomplished with ScreenHunter; editing with Irfan View and MS Paint.


    I started at the bottom and I like it here

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