Last week I finished another leather book with a dog theme.

It was for a friend in the village who does dog training. It was a gift but they gave a gift in return. A bone for Sam.

Sam is really making the most of this bone as it is still on the go 4 days later. I think it must be from a cow and is way more substantial than the ham bones I usually get her, that she finished in an hour or so.

On Thursday we had a bit of snow. Nothing too deep but due to roads not being gritted and the snow compacting to ice during the night there were a lot of traffic problems. As a result I decided to work from home. Of course this still allowed time for a short walk with Sam to enjoy the snow.

We took a walk up the side of the local river and Sam had a ball fetching a dummy from in the reeds. Unfortunately one time it was just too well hidden as she could not find it and neither could I, even though I was sure I had seen where it landed. Still we have plenty of spares so not an issue.

Back at the house I got down to work but like the big kid I am I had to go out and play with Sam in the garden every time the snow started to fall again. Although it was not a lot of snow it was the big fluffy flakes that look great.

On Friday morning the snow was still there for my morning run. Thankfully it was not too compacted so not bad for running on. It is still dark for the whole of my run, which makes the head torch a necessity. As a result my view for the majority of the run is much like this.

Friday was bright and cold. Anywhere that the snow or ice melted it dried out. This continued on Saturday. On the walk round the woods some sections were almost devoid of snow.

Some had small traces left.

Where as other places were still all snow.

It made for an interesting walk with lots of variety. There was a bitterly cold wind and where the snow was compacted, melted a bit and had refrozen it was treacherous to walk on.

Today was again sunny and cold. We considered the options for a walk and settled for our Glasgow centre walk along the Clyde. The logic being that the paths would be free from ice. Sam could run about the park and there is a dog friendly pub at the end for a Sunday lunch.

The walkway along the clyde was quite busy with a lot of people out enjoying the winter sunshine. As is becoming traditional we stopped on the way back for a coffee.

Sam was very distracted by the trains on the rail bridge. They were very noisy and she was constantly wanting to run to them to either chase them down or just get a better look. It is hard to tell which and I was not letting her get a chance to find out. There is too much traffic about to have her racing off wildly. So she had to settle for just staring at them.

The start and end of the walk are at Glasgow Green where Sam gets the chance to have a good free run about. Then it was into the West Bar for a great lunch and where Sam charmed the staff as always.