My plan for today was a lie in and then get some leatherwork projects finished, however, when I woke this morning it was full sunshine outside. Too good to waste in bed. So I made a coffee and with Sam headed off to the woods.

There were a few other dog walkers in the woods. They were all enjoying this unexpected sunny day. Sam and I headed up to one of the viewpoints that is little used and out of the way. It also has the benefit of being in the full sun and having a great view. The ideal spot for your morning coffee.

Sam had a good run about in the sun. we had a meander round the woods before heading home. At home I set up the leatherwork stuff in the garden as it was still too good to be inside. Sam settled down to sunbath.

We spent over four hours in the garden and during that time not one cloud passed in front of the sun. A rare day indeed. The sun is still out now as we get ready to head out for another walk so maybe more pictures later.