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Thread: A walk spoiled by 'progress'.

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    A walk spoiled by 'progress'.

    Even a Poppy Dog walk is not immune to the Influence of 'Progress'.

    We are fortunate to have MIRA, the Motor Industry Research Association on our doorstep. Some of you will have heard MIRA referred to by recently unemployed Jeremy 'well he deserved it' Clarkson on Top Gear. Due to its success they are undergoing huge expansion and have needed to tick the 'green' boxes in the planning application.

    Now one of our walks, Weddington Country Walk, runs along part of the disused railway line from Nuneaton to Ashby and is part of National Cycle route 52. This runs from the town and finishes close to MIRA. In order to streamline the travel of the expected 2000 plus employees at the new site and keep local traffic congestion to a minimum, Regional Development grant funding has turned a quiet rural route like this

    into a supercharged, upgraded route like this

    Ideal for Pension Age Ramblers and local yobs on their monkey bikes, but no longer our idyllic rural meander. Will have to watch out for electric bikes and Googles' self driving cars in future perhaps!

    But it's not only MIRA.

    As we drop off the track to take a circular route back across fields and water meadows, we are guided through a newly installed maze of metal mesh fencing around the inevitable house building site:

    Fortunately the plan is for the bridleway to skirt the finished development of around 300 homes. Let's hope it is landscaped well and the walk not completely destroyed.

    The good burghers of Nuneaton brought these two blots together, when on Saturday night someone stole a digger from the building site and drove it across fields and down the walk, bulldozing hedgerows and fences along the way before abandoning it behind some farm buildings.. A mindless, senseless joyride of probably less than a mile.

    In her own fashion Poppy Dog was oblivious to all this turmoil, and I became a service provider for things that are of much more interest to her:


    Stick & water, in this case combined in the River Anker.

    Oh! and the good news? We got around between the showers so it was only Poppy that got wet. She is dozing and dreaming curled up in a ball as I avoid the work to be done and write this post/drivel/rant (delete as applicable). Heres hoping the Gruppen Fuhrer doesn't check her Facebook for a while..
    One wife, livid!

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    It's always a bit of a shock to find a loved walk being upgraded or worse destroyed. The upgraded path should look okay once it is all grown back in at the sides but I suspect you will be seeing a lot more cyclists. The cycle track near here is constructed like this and is still a great walk but you do need to watch it for cyclists. Picking a day when it is too wet or windy for them is the secret

    Hopefully you can find some new walking options that are opened up by the work but I suspect Poppy will still love the walks just as much anyway. Just don't forget the ball for her

    I started at the bottom and I like it here

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