We got a bit of paddling in yesterday and had thought about it again today but decided to go for a walk instead. The weather was sunny with the odd fluffy cloud, so ideal. We did not plan of going really far as Sam had a little bit of a limp. I think she hurt a toe yesterday but she was still keen to get out and about.

We headed up to the top end of Loch Ard to try a walk we had researched but not done before. We have walked the paths at the lower end but not the top end.

Heading off.

Most of the paths were forestry roads. It made for easy walking. Thanks to a lot of felling we still had good views over the Loch and surrounding hills.

A lot of the walk was quite a bit away from the water. We would have stopped earlier but we were determined to stop for lunch next to the waters edge. So on we went. Hot work.

Bingo. The ideal spot. By the waters edge with a good view.

Speaking of view. Something caught Sam's attention. I couldn't see what it was but she stared it out for quite a while.

After lunch we headed back the same way we came. Of course we made sure to take the time to stop and sit in the sun to take in the views and relax. Sam was following our lead.

Near where we parked there was a great tearoom where we got coffee and cake while Sam rested. A good way to end a great day.