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Thread: Getting Sam back out

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    Getting Sam back out

    With her broken tow Sam should still just be getting lead walks but given how she runs round the house it is safer to walk her a bit more rather than have her injure herself letting off steam in the house. So we have been taking her walks along the cycle track but that can get a bit boring. So yesterday we took her to Glasgow Green and headed up the clyde away from the town centre instead of into it.

    Much of the walk actually feels quite rural. More like a canal path or cycle track than a city walk.

    We did a fair distance and followed it with lunch in the West bar off Glasgow green which is very dog friendly. After Sam had a good rest and was not so bouncy at home. She was not limping and her tow had no swelling.

    Today we took her to Largs and following from yesterday's theme headed in the opposite direction from normal. It was pretty windy but with sunshine and a few showers.

    I think this walk is more interesting and varied than the usual route we take at Largs. I can see this becoming the usual route. The tide was in so not much beach available which may have been a good thing since Sam was still meant to be taking it easy. There were still some places where you could get next to the water and off the promenade.

    On the way back we got a couple of heavy rain showers and the wind got really strong. We warmed ourselves up back at the car with Fish and Chips looking out over the sea like a proper old couple. Sam's toe is still fine and during the week we will step the walks back down a notch but hopefully this is the beginning of getting back out more.

    I started at the bottom and I like it here

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    nice to see you both back out and about

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