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Thread: Pleasent Change

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    Pleasent Change

    After years of Caravaning and being treated with reserve because we have dogs, being charged stupid money for the dogs on the campsights. This years holiday in Cornwall (Bude-ish) we found a great change in attitude the campsite welcomed dogs had good facility's plenty of exercise room, we didn't feel like we were being watched or pressured at all and the dogs were free.
    In the local villages the shops, restaurants and Pubs mostly had signs outside saying well behaved dogs welcome. altogether a pleasant change. I mentioned this to the lady in reception and her comment was "most people with dogs that bring them on holiday don't go abroad and if you don't welcome the dogs the people don't come.


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    Hopefully this change will filter out across the country. We've never had to pay a lot extra for having the dog but it is always a bit of a struggle to find places that allow dogs

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