It was the Lochwinnochillage Gala Day on Saturday. We've missed the last couple of years fir some reason but managed this year. The weather was sunny and we took Sam as usual. After a quick look around we got a burger each for lunch. Well I say each. Sam did not get one but had eyes on Eleanor's.

Sam did not have any luck getting any leftovers from Eleanor but did manage to scavenge the odd tidbit here and there that had been dropped by others. There was the usual dog show with some strange catagories but we entered Sam in the "dog the judge would most like to take home" and she came in second.

We also bumped into the Vet. We confessed that we were not restricting Sam's activities quite as much as she had advised but she was happy enough as Sam's toe was showing no ill effects. This means I don't feel so guilty taking Sam running now