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Thread: Phew ! what a scorcher !!!

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    Phew ! what a scorcher !!!

    Been pretty hot over here, unless you don't call 38C in the shade hot

    With weather like this there's only one solution,our salvation flows just behind those trees,

    Our secret passage,

    A quick crossing to an island before we get to the main river

    waiting for the off....

    Let the splashing begin,

    & when the old fella is fed up throwing sticks, just standing with your feet in the water has a lot going for it,

    When the mutt has finished splashing around like a rhino & peace returns to the river, the banded damselflies move in

    The obligatory selfie,

    A little play on the way back to dry off a bit

    Then it was home for some well earned tucker
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    At that tempreture you need a handy river to cool down in. Of course I'm sure Sissou makes the most of it even when it is not this warm. I'm impressed that he runs about so much after his splash about. Sam is more subdued in the heat even after a swim.

    We have had a warmish spell for a couple of days but just the mid twenties. Still warm enough for me to trim the morning run a bit to stop Sam overheating. We run early morning but still gets a bit warm as the sun gets up.

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