It is a holiday weekend here but Jo is working on Friday and Monday. So to make up for her missing out while Sam and I had fun on Friday and tomorrow she booked us into a dog friendly hotel at Colintraive, Argyllshire for Saturday night. We took the ferry across to Dunoon then had a scenic drive another 20 miles or so to our destination. We were a little early so had a walk along the beach and then round the local community garden. Both lovely but we forgot to take any pictures.

With Sam well tired out we checked into the hotel. Time to have a coffee and admire the view from the room.

Because we had Sam with us we had to eat in the bar but it had a lovely atmosphere and the food was superb. Sam seemed happy to just spark out under the table.

We had a late night walk along the beach before bed time. Then slept soundly in the comfy beds and sam on her travel bed. Come the morning there was time for a last quick walk on the beach before breakfast.

Sam seemed to be aching for a bit of culture so we took her to the local Sculpture Trail.

Sam does so love to interact with the art, as you can see. Charm bracelet anyone?

Sam getting a hand, or two, or more

Sam thinks there may be a ghost round here.

Stopping for a rest.

Back to the culture.

This ghostly apparition tried to take Sam from us.

Sam had hoped this was a mermaid. Mermaids are her favourite.

Art or engineering? Sam just can't decide.

Something is sprouting here but she can't tell what.

Always keen to make new friends.

Well it is by the seaside.

Just to prove Jo was there too.

Sam was gutted. She must have just missed the mermaid. You could still see where it had shed its tail.

These are meant to represent the sea and a lifeguard's seat but Sam thought it was more like sky and a spaceship.

Time for another rest. This culture thing is hard work.

We don't know what these are meant to be, but we liked them.

This one was just too tall for Sam, by a head

This was a scary boy. Definitely a boy. Sam didn't know where to look.

This seemed to be a strange dance party. Sam couldn't even hear the music.

After an hour or more of culture we headed off toward Benmore Botanical Gardens. These are part of Edinburgh Botanical Gardens but a big mountain garden. About 20 hectares if I remember right. It is filled with huge conifers, monkey puzzle trees and lots more. It is called a mountain garden and it is easy to see why. we gained quite a bit of hight during our three hours of exploring. No statues this time but some nice wee shelters tucked away here and there.

Unfortunately Sam had to be kept on a lead. She still had a great time but if she could have run free it would have been like all her christmases coming at once.

For a male dog I'm not sure if it would be good or bad for your ego to get to cock your leg against one of these trees.

After this we were well and truly knackered. A coffee and cake at the cafe rounded off the visit before we drove back to the ferry and home. Now we are all crashed out on the couch getting ready for an early night to recover. Tomorrow is still a holiday for Sam and me so a run in the morning and a canoe trip are on the cards. Blogg to follow.