Had a busy holiday weekend but today had time to fit a paddle in. Had a run with Sam first thing then John, an old school friend was going over for his first paddle. Luckily the weather was complying so we had a wind free day with mist to start then sunshine.

Setting out the mist was limiting the view a bit. John was not 100% convinced about this paddling lark yet. Sam of course was immediately at home.

She has got so much more at home in the canoe. It may be the long run she had this morning or just her getting more comfortable in the canoe.

We explored a couple of islands as John got more relaxed in the canoe. John is a fisherman so seemed a bit preoccupied with all the fishing possibilities of canoeing. He was also taken with the whole brew stop tradition. Sam was also pleased as John is one of the few people who feeds her human food. That's why he gets to see her begging face.

Suitably refuelled it was time to set out back on the water.

It was about now that John settled into the canoeing. The sun was out and the water flat calm. It would be hard not to be won over.

I'd like to say Sam was keeping an eye on him but in truth she was watching the islands for deer.

We landed on Torrinch and Sam was racing all over the place following the scent of deer. I have no idea how much ground she covered but when we got back in the canoe she was completely tuckered out.

We landed at the other end of Torrinch so I could show John the stand of bamboo but it ha all been hacked down. Not sure why but it is pretty dangerous as there are sharp bamboo stalks sticking out the ground at just the right hight to stab a dog in the chest or eye. It could easily go into a persons leg too.

We didn't hang about on Torrinch so headed down the side of Inchcailloch to a beach for another coffee.

Checking the time we had been out for over 5 hours. It hadn't seemed anything like that long. Time to head back to Balmaha. John is certainly won over to paddling in calm conditions. I will need to take him out when there is a little wind next time to phase him in gently before a wind trip when it is blowing a hooly