Like lots of the country we have had a lot of rain over the last couple of days. We get flooding quite often at the best of times so it was no surprise to find a few streets flooded this morning. Luckily there are no properties flooded so it did not feel bad to take advantage of the paddling possibilities. Plus Warthog1981 was over for a visit so canoeing was high on the list of things to do. We took Sam for a quick walk to check the lay of the land, or the lack of it.

The carpark at the visitor centre was too flooded to use so we parked at the closed road next to it.

Strange to be paddling along the lochside path toward the visitor centre, which was shut, so no rocky roads for an after paddle snack. Sam was trying not to look at the swans.

Of course we have paddled the open water of the Loch lots of times before so today we headed over the marsh area.

We don't get to paddle over the marsh often but still we soon headed to more unusual spots. Sam could see we were heading to the park or at least close to it.

Negotiating parked cars is not the normal obstacles you need to deal with.

Sam's not sure this is proper canoeing.

Once we had explored the road by the playing field we headed back into the marsh.

Next to the marsh, parallel to the main road into Lochwinnoch there is a footpath that they raised last year so it would not flood and people would still be able to walk to the train station. This is us paddling it.

Not even just. Little bit flooded. More like a canal.

From here it was a short paddle onto the main road into the village.

Another car stuck here. The water is not actually too deep to drive through if you know how to drive through water. Steady slow speed keeping a bow wave at the front with high revs but you see people hammering into the water hoping to get through in momentum and in truth all they do is soak the engine and get water into the air intake. When that happens the engine is knackered.

From here we paddled more of the marsh and down the river and generally explored all the bits that are usually above water. Eventually hunger made us turn to the car and back across the carpark.

Back at the car we loaded up and headed home. It was only when I got home I realised I should have brought the drone along for some great aerial shots of the flooding. Oh well, that can be an excuse to get out again soon