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Thread: hi all

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    hi all

    Thank you letting me join, jet my little patterdale and myself do a lot of hillwalking, were off to Ben lomond this Mon coming , if any one has any words of wisdom for us please share.......

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    Welcome to Dog Walk Bloggs. Not sure I really have any advice for doing Ben Lomond. We took Sam up it a couple of years back,

    if you are a seasoned hill walker I am sure you will find it to be pretty straight forward. It is a well defined path the whole way so shouldn't be an issue for you. I'm looking foward to seeing some pictures when you get back.

    I started at the bottom and I like it here

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    hi there, im a all year round walker, i love the hills, i have spoke to nts regarding the ben, and he was the nice guy let me know a few things, so all's good, cant wait, thanks for your reply

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    Howdy RJ, welcome to the forum...............hopefully you won't get lost on the hills & you'll find your way back here.
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