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Thread: Paddling with Kes again

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    Paddling with Kes again

    The weather has taken an unexpected turn up here. Sunny, warm and light winds. Looking out my office window all day I knew I had to get out for a paddle. So as soon as I got home I loaded up the canoe and grabbed the dogs. I am dog sitting Kes at the moment. He is nearly 17 now and really not fit to be going walks any more but you know, when the sun is out and the wind low, walking is pretty over-rated

    This was not an exciting paddle for Sam and I. Nothing dramatic happened. It was just a joy. Pleasant easy paddling in the sun. For Kes though it was a great chance to get out and see more, smell more again, with no strain on his old legs.

    The only break from the leisurely paddling was me moving the GoPro to a new position for a different camera angle or stopping to take a picture with my normal camera.

    I also got the dogs to change position a bit at one point just to let them get a different view and stop them getting too sore, although I am not sure dogs get sore from lying on one side like we humans do.

    Kes is clearly not going to be doing any jumping about in the canoe but even Sam could tell this was a chilled paddle. She just lay there right from the get go with her head resting on the gunwale watching the world passing. Whether it was just she could sense we were relaxing or if she didn't want to disturb Kes I don't know but she hardly stirred the whole time we were out.

    It was not a long paddle. Maybe an hour and a half at most but a complete rest in itself. Not to mention a welcome trip out for Kes.

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    Good ol' Kes, still hanging on in there..
    I think you must have better weather than we have; March was unusually grey & nippy & so far April isn't any was warmer in December & January !
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