We have had Marlowe for a few weeks and had him on lots of walks and stuff but till tonight never in a canoe. Robbie of the GingerPaddlers had suggested a paddle tonight and with the weather forecast being clear and wind free I agreed. Unfortunately Robbie won't appear in this blog as every time I stopped to take pictures he just kept paddling

As usual I was a little early so took the time to get all sorted out, the dogs in the canoe and out on the water.

Marlowe immediately settled down. Barring when he was swapping position he just sat or lay down all the time and was no bother at all. Sam wasn't any trouble either but was obsessed with the trains passing at the side of the Loch.

The stars were out in full force as well as a full moon. Or nearly full anyway.

Robbie and a friend arrived and we headed up the Loch in the dark with me stopping to take pictures every so often then needing to paddle like mad to catch up again. A strange mix of serenity and frantic paddling. It would have been a good night to just drift and look at the stars. The forecast for seeing the aurora was pretty good but too much light pollution for that.

It was surprising just how settled Marlowe was. Not sure if he was scared of falling in or just realised there was nowhere to go. Either way it made paddling with him in the canoe a doddle.

All too soon we were back at the put in and loading the canoes back on the cars. It was quite a short paddle but none the worse for that.