As I've mentioned I go for a longish run three mornings a week with the dogs and shorter runs on the other two days. Today was the current longer run at 13km. We head out at 6.30am in the dark. Me with a torch and the dogs with their light up collars on. Thanks to the hour change the latter part of the run is during sunrise. I've been fortunate with the weather lately and seen some good dawns. Today was another, so much so I had to stop and take a few pictures.

The first was as I neared the highest point in the run. It was here I first realised we were in for a great sunrise.

Heading down through the woods a bit later you could really see the sky starting to take on a lot of colour.

And by the time we were out of the woods and down by the Loch the sky was just looking fabulous.

So we continued back on our way home. Got home after covering 13km in about an hour and a quarter allowing for picture stops. Not a great time but not too shabby in my world. Of course that's not how Sam and Marlowe see it. As soon as we got home I went out in the garden to let the chickens out and the dogs took this as an opportunity to burn off some of that spare energy from their gentle start to the day