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Thread: Dog treats for walks

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    Dog treats for walks

    Can anyone recommend any dog treats or other food that's particularly good for taking for longer walks? Something a bit weather proof probably, but ideally still full of healthy energy.

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    This is a good question and one I have not got a definitive answer to yet, despite much back and forth.

    In the early days I experimented with lots of different treats. I favoured the non biscuit type options as they were less of an issue if they got soggy. Then I found it was easier to just have a treat bag that kept them dry so buisciut based ones came back into favour.

    The next progression was that Sam and now Marlowe are quite food driven and love their kibble so I just started using it as the treat. This had the advantage that I knew it was good quality food and not stuffed full of sugar. Recently I changed their food and the kibble was in smaller bits so this has started me thinking about going back to some other sort of treat but so far, on the balance of the benefits, I've stuck with using kibble.

    For treats when I am leaving the dogs at home I alternate between Bonio biscuits and Shapes but these are both to big for out on walk options.

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    my usual treats are also just the kibble that i normally feed. i keep them in a plastic bag so they're dry.
    if i want something more exciting, i found dry sheep stomach pretty good. it's as natural as it can be, no sugar or other crap. lili goes beserk for it. no surprise because it smells quite... bad. cut up into small pieces and kept dry, it's good for a "special" treat when you do some difficult training, though.

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    Thanks for the ideas. The dry sheep stomach sounds like an awesome idea. Guessing this is what you're talking about:

    I'm currently feeding fresh cooked food from these guys, which is great as a meal but doesn't really travel well at all for treats on the go!

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    yes that looks like it. although when they describe it as less smelly... i don't know...
    i prefer the dry stuff as it won't go off that easily.

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    The best outdoorsy 'treat' I've found for either training or building up a dog's confidence prior to training, are small cubes of cheese (cheddar is fine), easy to transport in a plastic or paper bag & an equally good titbit for the master too.
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