In my last post I had mentioned we had three dogs. We were dog sitting Bella a young Rottie and had been offered her to keep. She was a lovely dog but having three would have just been too restricting. Itís a shame as she was a great dog.

She even fitted in the canoe.

Came out on the morning runs with us.

But eventually her owner found her a good home. I hear she is setting in and happy. Still miss her but it would have been a lot more work with three dogs.

So Sam and Marlowe adjusted to being back to a pack of two.

I managed to get a canoe camping trip in but unfortunately Sam injured a nail just before so had to stay at home and be pampered while Marlowe had his first solo trip.

Samís nail healed pretty quickly so she was quickly back running. We had a weekend in Aviemore with a fair bit of walking and our yearly trip to the Game Fair.

Soon we are off to Kintyre for a week. The dogs will be getting to hone their stand up paddle boarding skills as well as lot of other activities. Iíll make sure to take plenty of pictures