I've been letting people know about the site and I got an email asking for more details. I did a reply which I think is worth posting here as an explanation to new and prospective members of the thinking behind this sites creation.

About 7 years ago I got into canoeing and started a forum as there was no place for canoeist in the UK to share information etc. There were lots of sites for kayakers but none for canoeist. The site is www.songofthepaddle.co.uk

When I was setting it up I naively thought that people would run out of questions about canoes and canoeing so the site needed something for people to keep coming back to and for. As a result I put in a blogg section. This was a section where people could post a blogg / report / story of any canoe trip they went on. No matter how big or small. The site now has about 13000 members and the blogg section is by far the most popular. I know it is followed by far more than the members who have registered. People love sharing their trips with the world and everyone love to read them. Even if it is just a "boring" paddle on the local canal.

So what does this have to do with dogs? I have always been a dog person and have had a few great dogs but for one reason or another I went for 7 years without a dog. Although I was regularly dog sitting for friends. Two years ago I got Sam a Rottweiler. She is a fantastic dog and a joy.

I have blogged my canoe trips with Sam on Song of the Paddle but I wanted to share non canoeing trips as well. Now I run Song of the Paddle so no one is going to stop me from posting non canoeing bloggs up but I figured there must be others who would want to post their bloggs. I looked and yes there are a number of forums and sites for dog owners but none focussed on sharing the walking stories. The adventures we have with our dogs. So given that I knew how to set up a forum and already had a server for Song of the Paddle I set up www.DogWalkBloggs.com

On one level it is simply there so people can blogg their activities with their dogs. But on another level I hope it will inspire people to do more with their dogs. To take the more places and try more stuff. I know from Song of the Paddle that people have been inspired to do new trips and longer trips just largely so they can post up a blogg. If even just one dog owner decides that instead of taking their dog to the park to do its business, they are going to go to a local woodland walk with their dog and make a day of it, so they can post it on Dog Walk Bloggs, I will be happy.

What I have no plans for the site to cover is training techniques and pedigree conformation of breeds etc. There are lots of sites about training dogs and showing dogs and specific to different breeds. I want Dog Walk Bloggs to be about people's relationship with their dogs and the times they spend together. I think people will want to share that. I know I do. And I know for sure I want to read it.